Stonee and Taylor


The soon-to-be O’Conney’s! Their engagement session was basically “goals”. We laughed more than I think I ever have at an engagement session. If this is a preview for how the wedding is going to go, I can’t wait! (Though I already can’t wait because it’s at Seven Hills Farm and I love that place). Taylor was an exceptional man for their portraits, whatever Stonee and I asked him to do-that’s what he did… even when that included blowing Dandelions at each other causing Taylor to almost choke; see the photo in this post. In all seriousness though, Taylor was a great sport and it is clear that he will do anything for Stonee. They both had a smile on their face the entire afternoon and did cute things even when the camera wasn’t pointed at them. They’re my kind of couple, insanely in love and full of laughter, I am beyond excited to document their beautiful day in just a few short months.



Stonee & Taylor