Columbia High School Senior

Amelia Island, Jacksonville, Florida

Taylor Shaw

Columbia County High School Senior Girl

Meet Taylor! Taylor is one of my 2019 Senior Representatives from Columbia High School. This girl is so full of sass and laughter, she was a breeze to photograph! Taylor decided that she wanted to do her senior session on the beach, but she really wanted a location where the sun set over the water. After much research, I found a place on Amelia Island.

The day of Taylor’s session was a little nerve racking. We did hair and makeup in Live Oak with Manning Vaughn, as usual. On the way to Jacksonville it started monsooning. It was actually pretty terrifying! We were forced to go about 20 miles an hour on the interstate, I could not even see two foot in front of my car. I know Taylor was freaking out just as much as I was! Regardless of weather, we kept trucking towards Jacksonville… I mean we were already half way there, there was no turning back at this point! Lucky for us when we arrived on location Florida blessed us once again with its hot humidity. I’ll take that over a monsoon any day though!

Taylor’s session was a breeze. We talked, we laughed (mostly laughed) and found some really cool spots to photograph her senior photos at. We stumbled upon stinging corals (or something like that), a ton of crabs, and even a peacock! It was an interesting day to say the least. I can’t wait to continue to photograph Taylor through out the year in my senior representative program!


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Taylor – 2019 Senior