Florida Beach Senior Portraits

Suwannee County Senior

Brooklynn Carroll

Jacksonville beach senior boardwalk photography

I’ve been to Jacksonville quite a bit for photos this summer and every single session has been different. This was my first time going to downtown Jacksonville and I will admit… I was a little sketched out at times! The slight fear was all worth it for Brooklynn’s gorgeous senior portraits. She absolutely ROCKED her senior session. I mean blew me away with her killer sass face, but then giggled in between each one. Brooklynn was a joy to be around. I think we spent the majority of the day laughing. We always ended up walking about 3 miles that day (when I say bring you walking shoes, I am not kidding!), and she still looked stunning down to the very last photo, even despite losing an eyelash! You would have never known that there were about a hundred people (I might be exaggerating, but there were quite a lot) on Jacksonville Beach while we were taking photos. I’m not super familiar with Jacksonville, so I’m pretty sure I took us to the busiest part of the beach (oops!). Though no one would move out of our way, somehow we managed to get stunning photos. I’m thinking it’s all thanks to Brooklynn for that! Between the clear skies and the perfect wind, Brooklynn looked like a model on the beach. She actually got asked if we were taking wedding photos… though I’m not sure why because she was wearing a green dress, but whatever! Just goes to prove that she IS model material!


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Brooklynn – 2019 Senior