North Florida Senior Photography

Downtown Madison, FL

Skylar Kirby

Madison, FL senior in high school professional portraits. Shelly Williams Photography

I absolutely love meeting all different kinds of seniors. Being a photographer I get seniors from every realm of the high school. Whether that’s cheer, theater, FFA, art, I get to see them all. Skylar is kind of a mix of everyone put together and she is SO fun! She actually reminds me of myself in high school a little bit.

We spent the afternoon in downtown Madison together strutting the streets and finding every cool wall and alley way that Madison had to offer. Skylar took my word “strut” to a new level, she pretty much turned into a model by adding in some turns, fluffing her hair, and my favorite, giggling the entire time! Her sweet momma and grandmother put together a clothes line with all of her old cheer uniforms. They even had a baby uniform to include, how cute! Would you believe me if I told you that I made her mom and grandma hold up the clothesline on the brick wall? I’m sure their arms were tingling, but as I always say…. anything for the photo! Not to mention her grandmother brought some awesome shoes for Skylar to wear, I have never seen a pair of FSU boots like the ones she brought. I’m a Gator fan true and through, but I will admit that the boots were pretty cool.

Skylar is a joy to be around, we pretty much talked and laughed our entire time together. When she started singing my favorite Pandora commercial (the Febreeze one), I knew she was a cool chick!


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Skylar – 2019 Senior