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Mackenzie Driver

Sunset photos of high school senior girl with FFA jacket.

I had such a good time with Mackenzie taking her senior portraits. I love being a professional senior photographer because I get to know so many different young people. It’s amazing to see their different personalities. Mackenzie’s personality shines, I’m pretty sure she spent the entire day laughing. She laughed through hair and makeup, then through out her entire session. I think it’s hard to keep a serious face when you’re around her!

Mackenzie’s session was very personal and intimate. She spent a long time thoroughly and thoughtfully planning her session. Being a professional senior photographer doesn’t always mean that I’m photographing seniors, I’m photographing memories. Mackenzie wanted to be sure that her dad was present during her session. To do that we decided to use her family farm, her dad’s high school FFA jacket, and even take some on some of her dad’s unused wood. I think it’s wonderful that in almost every photo of her senior session you can see a glimpse of her dad.

We had a pretty eventful session (as usual, thank you, Florida). We had a rain storm, of course! So we sat inside and chatted for a bit. I got to hear all about their home and how it was built (which was very interesting!). When the rain finally subsided, we went out to finish the session. Now, it rained for a good 30 minutes so the ground was pretty wet. Wet enough for me to step forward and step into what seemed like quick sand! I was so confused because I thought the ground was solid, that Mackenzie’s mom had to help me out! And so the laughter commenced.

We ended Mackenzie’s senior portrait session with a gorgeous sunset which is exactly what Mackenzie was crossing her fingers for. The sunset was, possibly, the most important thing that she wanted in her session. I’m so glad that Florida decided to participate and give us a beautiful sunset! Mackenzie, you were a doll to work with, thank you for choosing me to be your professional senior photographer!


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