Senior Portraits in Florida

Columbia High School Senior

Hailey Jones

Lake City, Florida high school senior photos taken by professional photographer. Shelly Williams Photography

Hailey has to be one of the sweetest girls I have met during my time as a photographer. She is always in a great mood and has a smile on her face, but don’t let that fool you, she has a killer serious face too, talk about sass! Taking senior portraits in Florida is always fun because you’re never sure what you’re going to get. We traveled to Gainesville, Florida to photograph at the Kanapaha Botanical Gardens. The gardens were gorgeous, but I’m not kidding when I say they cast the most weird light I’ve ever photographed. Normal, bright, sunny Florida kind of disappeared within the gardens and we were greeted with blues and greens… everywhere! Odd for Florida in November, normally everything is on the verge of brown this time of year. The gardens were very interesting though, full of plants I have never seen before and very well kept. It’s a place where you could spend the entire day (they have 60+ acres) and probably still won’t have walked all of it. After the gardens closed, we went to a park not too far from them to finish her session.

Hailey is not only a sweetheart, she is also amazing at makeup. If you haven’t followed her page, find her on Instagram @makeupby_hrj her work is seriously stunning. I cannot believe half of the things she comes up with, or how she does it! I’m so honored to be surrounded by seniors who are talented in their hobbies. Hailey is an artist for sure. Hailey, it was wonderful photographing your senior year!


Senior photos taken at the Kanapaha Gardens in Gainesville, Florida. Shelly Williams Photography Senior girls pictures taken at the gardens in Gainesville, Fl. Shelly Williams Photography Bamboo brings different atmosphere to high school senior pictures. Taken by professional senior photographer Shelly Williams. Senior portrait photographer specializing in candid and natural moments located in Tallahassee, Florida. Shelly Williams Photography Black and white close up photo taken with large leaves. Shelly Williams Photography Natural light photographer specializing in candid moments of high school seniors. Shelly Williams Photography Sunset senior portraits taken in Gainesville, Florida. Shelly Williams Photography Nicely lit senior photograph taken in Gainesville, FL by professional senior portrait artist. Shelly Williams Photography Senior girl laughing during her senior pictures by Shelly Williams Photography Nice, soft light during a sunset in Gainesville, Florida. Shelly Williams Photography

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Hailey – 2019 Senior