Mom and Pup Portrait Session

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Phoebe and Sarabeth

Must love dogs, photographer puts love of dogs into her business by taking dog portraits with their owners. Shelly Williams Photography

I have been dreaming of a mom and pup portrait session for quite some time now. It was something that I’ve thought of ever since getting my own pup, Monica. However, I really wanted them to be cozy and fun, like you’re just hanging out at home with your pup. Well, when I rented my studio last month my dream was able to come to life because I now have the perfect place to photograph these cute pups. My first models were Sarabeth and Phoebe.

I’ve known Phoebe since Sarabeth got her several months ago. It’s crazy to think that a few short months ago she was just little tiny pup, now she weighs 40 pounds! This is one of the reasons why I think a mom and pup portrait session is so important. Our little pups grow up SO fast! Sarabeth and I chat about our Doodles every time we’re together and it’s so fun to talk about how they’re changing the older they get. My dog, Monica, is just a few months older than Phoebe. They’re destined to be best friends since they are both named after characters from the show “Friends”. (PS- if you’re thinking of adopting a Dood and want to name it Rachel, Chandler, Ross, or Joey, let us know. We’re trying to develop a “Friends” Doodle Group).

Photographing a dog in my studio was so much fun. Phoebe was a blast, she could not stop giving her mom kisses. I think that Pheebs enjoyed her session for that reason, plus she got a lot of treats, and got to tug with her mom. It was a very laid back, fun, natural session which is exactly what I intend on these mom and pup sessions to be… just hanging out with your pup with the occasional “snap” of a camera going off.

If you’re interested in a mom and pup session, send me an email at I hope to be doing a lot of these in the near future and will be “officially” announcing them as part of my specialization soon!

Thanks for being my first models, Phoebe and Sarabeth!


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Sarabeth and Phoebe – Mom and Pup