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Bond between horse and rider

Karen and Millie

Black background of horse in Ocala by professional photographer. Shelly Williams Photography

Millie is such a gorgeous mare, I’ve always been partial to palominos, but her deep gold coat is just stunning! I love being an Ocala horse photographer because I get to meet so many gorgeous horses. Karen and her daughter have a barn full of gorgeous horses and I’m glad I was able to spend the afternoon with them. Capturing the bond between horse and rider is always special because everyone has a different relationship with their horse. Karen has been riding for most of her life and Millie is her “do everything with” horse. They have shown together in the pleasure classes, have dabbled in obstacle challenges, and go on trail rides; they’re even considering competing in the ranch classes. Millie is a jack of all trades! When you get a horse like Millie, you just have to document your relationship. Millie’s beauty paired with the flowers blooming in Karen’s yard made for a perfect little session.


Fine art horse portraiture in Ocala, Florida. Shelly Williams Photography Fine art horse photography in Ocala, horse capital of the world. Shelly Williams Photography Horse and rider photography session in Ocala, the horse capital of the world. Shelly Williams Photography Old bond between horse and rider in Ocala, FL. Shelly Williams Photography A bond between horse and rider must be photographed, it's a memory that shouldn't be forgotten. Shelly Williams Photography Western pleasure rider with her horse of a lifetime in Ocala, Fl. Shelly Williams Photography

Horse and Rider

Karen and Millie – Equine