Farm Engagement Photos

Gainesville Wedding Photographer

Leslie and Michael

Okay, I am absolutely in LOVE with these photos! Leslie told me she wanted something “different”, but she still liked the idea of farm engagement photos. Fields interested her, but she didn’t want just a “normal” field. I got to thinking for a little bit… my family property is gorgeous, every time I ride my horse I’m in awe of how beautiful it is. So while riding one day I sent Leslie over some photos and said “how about here?”. She loved the photos I sent, so we had our location picked out. I’m so glad that she trusted me and let me do the photos where ever I wanted. I think we’re both pleased with the outcome.

Leslie and Michael were a breeze to photograph. It’s clear that Michael is head over heels for Leslie, I mean… she asked him to wear long sleeves in 90 degrees and he didn’t complain. Not once! We had a blast taking their engagement photos (or at least I did!). Leslie and Michael were up for anything. Running through the fields, hopping on each other’s backs, I even made them lay in the dirt a little bit (oops!), nothing phased them, they were just glad to be with each other. Their wedding is next January and it cannot come fast enough! Well, okay, I don’t need six months to fly by THAT quickly, but I am excited for their wedding for sure. They will be getting married at Clark Plantation in Newberry, I can’t wait to be their Gainesville wedding photographer!

Leslie and Michael, thank you for trusting me with such a big part of your lives. I’m so excited to watch you say “I do” and document your special day.



Leslie and Michael