Heritage Parks Wedding

Live Oak, Florida

Reyes Wedding

I have never been to a more fun wedding! This Heritage Parks wedding in Live Oak, Florida is one for the books. I mean seriously… how many weddings have you been to where the congregation stands and cheers for the GROOM as he walks down the aisle?! The entire day was full of love, fun, and excitement. I’m so happy for Charlie and Sara and I’m glad that I was able to play a small part in their day.

I normally meet with my brides several times before their wedding, Sara and Charlie live in South Florida, so that wasn’t an option for us. Despite having a few video calls, we had never actually met. That didn’t stop either of them from greeting me with a hug and treating me like family, not a vendor, the entire day. They’re the most welcoming couple I’ve ever met, it was clear that they wanted to make sure everyone had a good time at their wedding, vendors included! Sara had the most unique plan for their wedding, it was almost like we stepped back in time. Vintage dresses for her and the bridesmaids, and old western shirts for the groom and groomsmen. Her vision fit in perfectly with Heritage Parks which is over a century old. The pops of color in Sara’s flowers and the bridesmaid’s dresses fit her personality perfectly, she’s so outgoing and fun which is what every part of her day screamed, even the cake was colorful! Not to mention Barbara Jean and Turkey had to be included in their day (even if Barbara Jean decided she didn’t want to stick around for the ceremony).

Though their day was extremely fun, there were times that were the total opposite, and some emotional times. Sara’s dress broke (yes, BROKE) while getting ready. We went to the store to grab a needle and thread and a bridesmaid sewed her into her dress. Sara never lost her cool which says a lot about her personality. Penants were given to both Sara and Charlie for their flowers/boutonnieres; it was very emotional and a beautiful thing to witness.

After the ceremony, we all partied. There was never a moment when there wasn’t at least 5 people getting down on the dance floor. I think everyone danced their hearts out, even though it was in the 90s that day! It was important to Sara that they do the “Hora” which I’ve never photographed or witnessed before. Let me just say, I’ve never seen a reception more full of energy than in that moment!

Sara and Charlie, thank you so much for trusting me with your memories. Your day will be one that stands out to me forever. I cannot say enough nice things about you two as a couple, or about your day!


Venue: Heritage Parks and Gardens, Live Oak, Florida | Dress: Mod Cloth | Cake: Joni Cole | Cater: Mi Apa | Flowers: Celebrations

I always ask for a photo with my bride and groom before I leave. Right after we took the first photo, Sara looked at Charlie and said “let’s pick her up!”. Without hesitation they lifted me up, hence the second photo!