Mom and Pup Photos

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Ana and Aztec

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I adore these mom and pup photos, being a pet photographer is so rewarding- and not just because I get pup cuddles! I love seeing how each animal and their human interact with one another. There’s always so much love and appreciation in the room when you have a mom and pup. The pups all have different personalities, but they all love their humans very much! Aztec was a sleepy guy, but we got him to play for just a little bit. He is the coolest colored German Shepherd I’ve ever seen, he has a touch of red to his coat which is different from the normal tan. Ana clearly adores Aztec, I think we spent most of the day talking about how much we love our pups! How can you not though, when they’re this cute?! I could snuggle Aztec all day long. These pet portraits are going to look great in Ana’s room!



Ana and Aztec