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Morgan, Dustin, and Brady

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Meet Morgan, Dustin, and Brady! I love being a pet photographer in Florida because I get to meet sweet little pups just like Brady! Brady and my Goldendoodle, Monica, both went to Nicole’s Natural Dog Training. The training that Brady had definitely helped during our session. He listened well, knew all of his commands, and knew exactly when to give his parents kisses. I will be thinking about this session for a long time because of how much love was in it. Dustin is clearly head over heels for Morgan and would do anything to keep her happy, while Morgan loves Brady endlessly.

We spent the afternoon on Morgan and Dustin’s brand new property playing with Brady. They recently built a house (it actually wasn’t even finished when we did their session) so we wanted the session to be meaningful by doing it on their property. Morgan picked out several absolutely stunning canvases for their new home… featuring Brady of course!

Taking pictures of dogs is definitely one of my favorite things to do. However, I love having their parents in the photos. Dog photography can be hard as you never know how they’re going to act, but that’s also the fun of it! Each dog is different with a different personality and I love capturing that personality for their humans. We all love our dogs unconditionally, so what better way to celebrate that than a photo session?

Morgan and Dustin, thank you for choosing me to document this special time in your life. I truly had an amazing time with you and I hope you cherish these photos for years to come.



Morgan, Dustin, and Brady