Ocala Horse Photography

Kate and Micah

Ocala photographer takes pictures of jumper horse and rider.

One of the best things about Ocala horse photography is getting to meet so many different and unique horses. I love getting to know each and every one of the clients that trust me enough to get in front of my camera, Kate and Micah are no exception. The bond that these two share is so apparent, Kate could talk about Micah for hours! Literally, the first time I sat down to speak with Kate about her horse and rider session we accidentally talked for almost two hours about our horses. Micah is such a cool guy, he has the biggest personality on the ground and under saddle. Kate found Micah after having a horse that she just couldn’t click with, when she decided that they were no longer a good fit, Micah came along and changed everything for her. Between Micah and Kate’s trainer, Sharleen, they’ve been able to accomplish things that Kate once thought were impossible. It’s amazing how finding the right horse can spark our love for the sport even more than before.

During Kate and Micah’s horse and rider photography session we had the best time! As usual, Florida weather wanted to rain, but we decided to go on with the session anyways. Lucky for us, the rain moved out just as Micah was finishing having his braids done. Micah was the most well behaved gentleman during his session, though he was a little confused as to why he was in the jump field and wasn’t actually getting to jump! Honestly, Micah was a pure model, he kept his ears up the entire session and kept Kate laughing hysterically. We even were able to take some photos of Kate riding Micah in a beautiful formal gown. Micah can go into the show ring and jump the 1.25+, but on the ground he’s pleasant to handle which I think says a lot about Kate and his relationship. It was an honor to get to experience the bond that this horse and rider pair shares, and I’m excited to share these gorgeous photos with you all!


Braids: Cannon Equine Services | Barn: Archer Farms, LLCĀ 

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Horse and Rider

Kate and Micah