Southern Engagement Session

Rachel & Will

Intimate posing for a couple.

Rachel and Will really outdid themselves for their southern engagement session! This session fit them to a tee. Will has turned Rachel into quite the avid hunter, he even says that she has kicked him out of his own tree stand. When we were thinking of places to do their engagement session, Rachel mentioned the property that they hunt on. After hearing the stories of how Rachel and Will have hunted together for their entire relationship, there really was no questioning where we would have the session! They have made many of memories on this property, so it is only fit that they add one more to that list. Being from Live Oak, and being hunters, we had to make it a little bit of a southern engagement session. Rachel and Will threw their camo on for a few last photos to add some more personality to their portraits.

I don’t think I was prepared for how Rachel and Will’s session would go. I have known them both for years, even before they started dating each other! I was prepared for Will to be a little grumpy during the session, but boy did he SURPRISE me in the BEST way! It is clear how much Will loves Rachel because he showed up ready to perform. He was loving, willing, and quite the model. When I mentioned how surprised I was, he said he just wanted Rachel to be happy. HOW SWEET?! I love couples like these two, they really make my creative heart flutter.

I cannot wait for their wedding next year, it is going to be one to remember for sure. Next year they will tie the knot at Quail Branch Lodge in south Georgia, it is going to be the perfect place for them. Rachel and Will, thank you for choosing me to be a part of this new journey that you are taking together!


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Rachel and Will