Photography Workshop in Florida

Shelly Williams Photography & K. White Photography

Photography workshop in Florida to learn basic settings of cameras for beginners and hobbyists.

We did it! We had our first photography workshop in Florida. This workshop targeted beginner photographers and hobbyists. We went over everything from the bare basics about how to use your camera on manual mode, all the way to the more complex things like how to use light. K. White Photography and I partnered together to create a fun workshop environment for the attendees. I hosted the workshop at my studio in North Florida. This blog post features a few photos I took while teaching the hands-on portion of the class, and a photo of our eager-to-learn attendees!

Kristen and I had such a good time teaching this workshop, and have gotten a lot of feedback. We believe there will be another beginners photography workshop in Florida later this spring. We also hope to host a second workshop later in the summer. Kristen and I hope to create a more in depth workshop for those who have attended our beginner workshop, or for those who are more advanced in their craft. If you’re interested in seeing when updates come out about future workshops, be sure to leave your email in the “subscribe” box on my website!


Lifestyle photographer takes photos for photography workshop in Florida. Photography workshop in Florida for beginner and hobbyist photographers.


Photography Workshop in Florida