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Beautiful greenhouse photo ideas with girl in prom dress

Brystal looked absolutely stunning in her emerald green prom dress! Being a prom photographer in North Florida is fun because I get to see the different dresses that girls choose to wear. I love seeing how their personalities shine through with the style of dress they choose. There is a huge variety of dresses available these days at places like OML, Glass Slipper, and Michelle’s. Brystal chose an elegant emerald dress that fit her like a glove. It had a gorgeous train that I could not get over (hence why there are several photos of her playing with the train)! Lucky for me, this is only Brystal’s junior prom so I get to see her in another stunning dress next year. Noble’s Greenhouse was a perfect backdrop for Brystal. Her dress fit in with the greenery, but the flowers were a gorgeous contrast with her and her dress. I loved photographing her with all of the flowers!

Like most other events, prom was forced to either cancel or reschedule this year due to the shutdown. Now with everything going on, it is uncertain is prom will happen at all for these girls. I remember prom being so much fun! Spending the day getting ready with my girls, having a nice dinner, and dancing the night away. It breaks my heart that this event has been taken from them. However, I am glad that we were still able to create beautiful photos of Brystal in her prom dress. At least the photos will give her some of the memories of prom, even if she may not get the full experience. How lucky are we that photos can provide that for us? I am glad to be a prom photographer in North Florida so that I can provide girls with this experience.

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