Fine Art Horse Photos

Luna and Comet

Fine art horse photos.

Luna, a chestnut mare with a beautiful blue eye and spotted rump, was rescued by Leslie Williams. It is amazing to see the difference in these fine art horse photos and Luna when Leslie first rescued her. When Leslie rescued Luna, she was not aware that she was pregnant. Luna gave birth a few months later to Comet. Leslie welcomed both into her family with open arms. Pregnancy wasn’t Luna’s only fault when she was rescued. She also has a major hip injury, was malnourished, and had limited training under saddle. Leslie has put forth a lot of time and effort into not only getting her healthy but getting her riding well under saddle and using her body correctly. Western dressage has helped Leslie and Luna’s riding and they regularly compete together. Luna is the classic example of a rescue success story, all thanks to Leslie!

Comet immediately won the attention of his new family. Lucky for him, he has only experienced Leslie’s loving home and will never have to wonder where his next meal will come from. It has been a few years and Comet is now in training at Little Star Stables where he is going well under saddle. Leslie has registered him with the Pinto Horse Association of America (PtHA) and ultimately wants to take him to their world show in a few years. I know with Leslie’s persistence, this dream will become a reality before we know it! Comet is lucky to have been born into such a kind, nurturing family. Luna and Comet might be “underdogs”, but with time and consistency Leslie has turned them both into competitive spotted horses. I am blessed to have met the three of them through Every Spot Matters and proudly welcome them into the project!

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