Knabstrupper Stallion Photos

Pyxis av Drömmarna

Knabstrupper Stallion photos taken by Ocala professional equine photographer

I am honored to have been able to take these Knabstrupper Stallion photos. I knew of Pyxis av Drommarna (aka “Pyxis) because he was at training at Game On Eventing in Newberry, Florida. When I started my project, Every Spot Matters, I was excited to see that Pyxis’ owner was willing to have him photographed for it. The Knabstrupper breed has always interested me. Spotted horses have always struck my eye, and the older I become the more interested I become in sport horses. The Knabstrupper is a perfect combination of both. The breed is rare and one of the most endangered breeds in the world. It started in Denmark where the KNN studbook still resides. These horses are athletic, beautiful, and highly trainable which makes them good mounts for most equine sport events. There are few Knabstruppers in North America (only a few hundred!), but there are organizations committed to developing recognition for the breed such as the Westfalen Knabstrupper Book.

Pyxis is a North American bred Knabstrupper. He was bred and born in California in 2014. Eventually, he was relocated to Florida where he began his training and under saddle career. Game On Eventing in Newberry, FL began his training as an Eventing horse. Pyxis has started another chapter in his journey. He now resides in Ontario, Canada with Meagan Maloney of Tiara Equestrian to begin training under Dressage. This beautiful stallion is only six years old, but has been all over North America! He has received a great start to his training and I know he will go far. I cannot wait to follow his journey! Pyxis was the most well behaved, gentle stallion to photograph and taking his Knabstrupper stallion photos was a breeze. Thank you, Kristi, for letting him be a part of my project!

Fine art portraits of Knabstrupper Stallion.

Horse and Rider

Pyxis av Drömmarna