Senior Pictures in Alachua, Florida


Senior pictures in Alachua, Florida

Kaylynn wanted to take senior pictures in Alachua, Florida. I have admired downtown Alachua for years, but have never taken photos there. I was so excited when Kaylynn said she wanted to use it as one of her locations! The courtyard in Alachua is stunning and historical. I love that you can still see some of the old paint along the walls. The combination of brick and cement wall is beautiful for pictures because of the changes in texture. Kaylynn wore the perfect outfit for the location! The holy jeans added even more texture, and I love a senior with a hat. I think this location might be one of my new favorites. After downtown Alachua we went to a spot along the Santa Fe River. Luckily we ran across a perfect boat ramp that worked well for Kaylynn’s river photos. It is hard to choose a favorite!

I love when seniors want to include their hobbies and sports in their senior portraits. It adds a personal element to their photo session. When they look back on these photos in ten years it will bring up memories from more than just their session. Including their sports in their session will remind them of the memories that they had while playing sports. Kaylynn will get to tell everyone how she earned each of her dance medals, and which ones are the most meaningful to her. She will get to tell them how she earned her letterman jacket and the fun times she had while dancing at school. I think it is so important to have an excuse to tell these stories. It is one of my favorite things about taking senior pictures. If you are hesitant about including your sports or hobbies in your senior portraits, I say go for it!

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