High School Senior Boy Portraits


High school senior boy portraits in the forest in Florida.

The Fletcher family has had me take their photos for years. I have really enjoyed taking their high school senior boy portraits. In addition to their son’s senior portraits, we have also done family photos several times. If you really want to go way back, I have known their family since I was a child. I remember Reagan and his brothers when they were very young! They have all grown so much. They have transformed from little boys who were constantly picking on each other to young men. I know this has been bittersweet for their momma to have another one of her boys senior pictures photographed! Luckily, there are still a few more years before the youngest is ready to graduate from high school. Reagan is the middle child, and I photographed his brother, Grant, a few years ago. It is so fun to see the differences between them!

Reagan is very artistic. He wanted his high school senior boy portraits to be on the old graffiti bridge that goes over the Suwannee River. The bridge was a perfect way to display his creativity. Afterwards we drove across to a beautiful grassy area in our local state forest. The sunset was gorgeous! Reagan has started to get into photography. After we were finished taking his photos, he took out his own camera and we got to talk about photography for awhile. I love to see Reagan’s eye for wildlife photography. I helped show him a few tricks that I use for portraits. We spent the rest of daylight playing with his camera. I am excited to see where his photography journey takes him! Young creative people are so inspiring to me because I remember when I was first getting started. I always hope that I can be an encouragement to those wanting to start their photography journey.

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High School Seniors

Reagan – 2021 Senior