North Florida horse barn that specializes in Dressage. Ronner Design

Magnolia Farms is a horse barn in North Florida that specializes in dressage. They have several clinics a year in their covered dressage arena. If you are looking for a hospitable environment, definitely add Magnolia Farms to your radar! The property is stunning, and everyone is friendly. Not to mention the covered arena is well maintained and keeps you away from the hot Florida sun. There are mirrors along the short edge of the arena to help with your dressage training, and the arena is full dressage regulation size. The paddocks are well kept and have an ample amount of grass for your horses and ponies. Most clinics hosted at Magnolia Farms are a full weekend with lunch provided. There is an air conditioned lounge for drinks, food, and to cool off! You can find another one of my blog posts featuring this horse barn in North Florida here.

Sara, @saddlesnsass on Instagram, reached out looking for a nice dressage facility to take photos at. I immediately thought of Magnolia Farms in Live Oak, Florida. She is an influencer and needed some photos taken for various brands that she represents. The tops in these photos are by Ronner Design. They are gorgeous, light weight material, and super cute for the barn or for casual wear. Her breeches are by ROMFH, which I am pretty sure is Sara’s favorite brand of breeches. We had the most fun taking these photos. Bunny, a huge Warmblood mare, was the perfect model for us. Later we ventured into the field to play with the donkey. Sara’s hat was a huge hit with all of the horses! The Warmblood mares were convinced that the hat was food. It made for some really adorable photos! I love every time I get to photograph Sara.

Cute photos of girl with donkey and yearling warmblood at Magnolia Farms, dressage barn in North Florida. Equestrian clothing brand. Ronner Design. Funny photo of Warmblood horses with girl in a hat at North FL dressage barn. Ronner Design. Girl with dressage horse at covered arena in North Florida. Magnolia Farms, Live Oak. Ronner Design North Florida horse barns with Warmblood dressage mares.

Horse and Rider

Sara at Magnolia Farms