Thomasville, Georgia Equestrian Photographer

Thomasville, Georgia equestrian photographer. Red roan quarter horse.

Rachael, Rosey & RJ

Rachael and her horses are one of my first models as a Thomasville, Georgia equestrian photographer! I just moved to the area a few months ago. It was so exciting getting to photograph a horse and rider in the area, though the landscape is very similar to the North Florida landscape I am used to (and still work in). Rachael keeps her horses just a few minutes out of town that had a beautiful field for the sunset. I was first attracted to Rachael and her ponies because of the Longhorn cattle that live on the farm. However, her horses are still new to the farm and are not super comfortable with the cattle just yet. We settled for having the Longhorns in the background for a few photos. I love the way they turned out! The golden hour was stunning reflecting off of Rachael’s red hair.

When I moved to Thomasville I wanted to become involved in the horse community. I was referred to Hands and Hearts for Horses by a client from Tallahassee, so I started to volunteer there. It turns out that Rachael works at Hands and Hearts! She is a joy to be around and now I get to bump into her while volunteering. It is a pleasure to have met both her and her horses. I am excited to continue to explore the South Georgia area, specifically the horse community! However, I am still serving all of Florida as usual. If you are interested in an equestrian session with your horses, reach out! I would love to help you plan the perfect session that shows off the bond between you and your horses. I regularly travel throughout South Georgia, North Florida, and am available for travel throughout Florida and the Southeast.

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Horse and Rider

Rachael, Rosey, and RJ