Summer Senior Pictures


Summer senior pictures taken by north florida senior photographer.

Natalie decided to take summer senior pictures before school got too busy. She plays a couple sports and is very active in clubs and other school activities. Parents often ask me “When is the best time to take senior photos?”. There is no “correct” answer to that question! A lot of seniors decide to take their photos right before their senior year starts. This is a good option if your senior is really involved in sports or clubs. When the school year starts, they are often too busy to take an afternoon off for photos. I have other seniors who have to have their photos taken by their yearbook deadline, and parents who want to gift photos for Christmas. On the opposite side, I have seniors who wait until spring. The moral of the story is, whenever fits into your schedule is the best time for senior pictures!

Natalie is on my senior model team, so she has been in front of my camera before. It is amazing watching the girls open up the more they get to know me. Natalie was a pure model during her senior session and only needed minimal direction. One of her goals was to “get wet” for her senior photos. I took that very literally and she ended up soaked by the time we were done! We had her crashing waves, and laying near the water. By the time we were finished, Natalie showered off in the beach shower before changing for the car ride home. I love when my girls are not afraid to do anything during their session. Natalie was prepared to do anything for the photos, even if that meant swallowing a mouthful of salt water!

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