Hayley c/o 2022 // Beach senior photoshoot in St Augustine Florida by professional high school senior Photographer in North Florida and South Georgia.

Beach Senior Photoshoot

Hayley had the beach senior photoshoot of her dreams earlier this spring! Going to St. Augustine to photograph is always a lot of fun. There are so many opportunities for photos that my creativity really gets to shine while I am there. However, I have been there many times so naturally I have grown to love a few spots in particular. I am not one to stay on St. George Street. In my opinion, it is very crowded and makes photographing hard. Not only do my girls become a huge subject for attention, but I am always backing into people (and/or cars). I try to stay on the side streets for this reason. When Hayley pulled out her bell bottoms and blue shirt, I had the perfect building in mind. I used it previously with another senior, Haley. This location works well because it isn’t crowded… unless it is Saint Patrick’s Day.

After spending a little bit of time downtown, we drove over to another favorite location of mine on the beach. I love this location because it has a little bit of both worlds. It’s a State Park, so there is a gorgeous wooded area which always has really pretty lighting. The beach is less crowded than the piers too, and another bonus is there are no buildings in the background! Hayley was a literal model for her senior photos. Her personality really shines through these portraits. She is gorgeous (obviously), but is also incredibly sweet. The kind of southern girl who says ma’am after every sentence, and is sure to tell you “thank you”. I know her mom is so proud of the young lady she has become! It was a pleasure meeting her, and her family, and getting to know her during her beach senior photoshoot.

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