Thomasville Rose Garden


While planning her session, Abigail told me that she loves color. The Thomasville Rose Garden is gorgeous this time of year. Following the Thomasville Rose Festival, the garden is flourishing with all types, and colors, of roses. It was stunning for Abigail’s session, and fit the vibe she was going for perfectly. We had the most gorgeous afternoon together. The sun set beautifully among the rose bushes, and Abigail’s ambitious pop of purple eye shadow was icing on the cake. Abigail gave me free reign when it came to her session. She let me know the vibe that she was going for, and I took off from there. Abigail is a complete natural in front of the camera. It didn’t matter what pose or prompt she was given, she totally rocked every one of them! This made choosing favorites from her session incredibly difficult… they are all so gorgeous!

Abigail had these photos taken to raise money for an upcoming mission trip that she will be going on this fall. She has been on several mission trips in the past, including one that took her to Africa. Last year she spent five months in Africa at a discipleship training school with Youth with a Mission (YWAM). Her time in Africa fueled her passion for pursuing ministry further. This upcoming trip will take her to Amsterdam for nine months at the School of Biblical Studies. I loved learning about Abigail, her journeys, and how she spreads the word of God. She clearly has a calling and I am blessed that I was able to support her in a small way. If you would like to follow along with her ministry journey, you can find her on Instagram, I know I will be following along!