Thomasville Horse Photographer

Gray & Ole

Thomasville horse photographer takes photos of gray and chestnut paint horse on black background.

Thomasville Horse Photographer

Gray and Ole photographed by Thomasville horse photographer.

I fell in love with Ole when I saw him! If you have been following my page for awhile, then you know that I am obsessed with unique markings and chrome on horses. Ole’s shoulder marking is so unique, I could not get enough of it. Plus, he is extremely photogenic and stood quietly for all of his black background portraits.

Typically I photograph horses separately and then Photoshop them together. However, Gray and Ole are best buds so their owner wanted to try to photograph them together. Luckily, they were perfect together and Ole gave Gray the cutest little sniff. Emotions like that are not something that I can normally get when Photoshopping horses together, so I was thrilled to get this photo!

Fine Art

Gray and Ole