Equine Photographer near Tuscaloosa

Alabama Eventing Team

Lendy and Louie

Shortly after moving to North Alabama I photographed Lendy and Louie, a pair searching for an equine photographer near Tuscaloosa, Alabama. Tuscaloosa boasts a vibrant equestrian community, with students like Lendy moving there to attend college. The University of Alabama provides a platform for riders to pursue their passion while balancing their academic commitments. Lendy and Louie are originally from the Atlanta area and have been competing in Eventing together for over five years. When they made the move to college, Lendy immediately joined the Alabama Eventing Team. I remember being in college and meeting so many of my new friends thanks to the Equestrian Team—I’m still friends with a lot of them today! Equestrians have a way of finding each other and creating a community together. Here are my favorites from their horse and rider portrait session together.

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Horse and Rider

Lendy and Louie