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Elevate Horsemanship

Elevate Horsemanship is a western horse trainer in Alabama who specializes in colt starting, problem solving, and cow horses. This equestrian business branding session created valuable content for their brand to use on social media, their website, and in printed materials at clinics and shows.

I am thrilled to shine the spotlight on Elevate Horsemanship, a western horse trainer right here in Alabama. Specializing in colt starting, problem solving, and cow horses. Elevate Horsemanship are more than just trainers—they also help owners learn to grow their relationship with their own horses and share other equestrian related tips. Together, Taylor and Jamie host clinics and have a monthly membership to online videos for horse owners.

Led by a team of seasoned professionals with a deep-rooted love for horses, Elevate Horsemanship offers a comprehensive range of training services tailored to meet the unique needs of each horse and rider. Whether you’re looking to start a young colt on the path to success or fine-tune the skills of a seasoned cow horse, their skilled trainers are committed to helping you achieve your goals.

One of the hallmarks of Elevate Horsemanship is their unwavering commitment to excellence in western horsemanship. With a focus on traditional methods and time-honored techniques, they prioritize the welfare and well-being of the horse above all else. From gentle groundwork to advanced maneuvers, every training session is conducted with patience, empathy, and respect for the horse’s natural instincts.

As an equestrian business branding photographer, I had the privilege of capturing the skill and talent of Elevate Horsemanship through my lens. We spent the afternoon with two of their mustangs, one who is seasoned and a fantastic mount, and one who is on the newer side still working towards becoming a finished horse. Each horse showed off a little under saddle, then we made our way to the field for headshots and content for their business.

Whether you’re a seasoned competitor or a weekend trail rider, Elevate Horsemanship welcomes you to join their community of passionate horse lovers and experience the joy and fulfillment that comes from forging a deeper connection with these magnificent creatures.

If you’re an equestrian business in Alabama and are searching for ways to establish your brand, I invite you to fill out my contact form. I would love to speak with you about creating photos and videos that display your business in a unique way while establishing rapport with your clients.

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