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AQHA Photographer takes photos of foals against a black background. Fine art foal photography.

As an AQHA photographer, photographing foals has become more and more popular. These young equines embody the spirit of grace, power, and beauty that define the breed. I had the privilege of capturing the essence of two remarkable AQHA foals. I photographed these foals in fine art fashion in which I had them stand at the end of the barn aisle to have a naturally black background that enhances their features.

Photographing foals is a unique endeavor that requires patience, creativity, and a deep understanding of equine behavior. These young horses possess an innate curiosity and playfulness, which can both inspire and challenge a photographer. However, with careful planning and a keen eye, the magic of their youthful energy can be immortalized in stunning imagery.

The decision to use a black background for this photo shoot was deliberate. Black provides a stark contrast that emphasizes the foals’ natural features and movements, creating a dramatic effect that draws the viewer’s attention to their exquisite form. Against this dark backdrop, every curve of their sleek bodies and every flicker of their expressive ears becomes a work of art.

One of the key challenges in photographing foals is ensuring their comfort and safety throughout the process. Foals are naturally curious creatures, but they can also be easily startled. Therefore, it’s essential to create a calm and controlled environment to allow them to relax and express their natural behaviors. Patience is truly a virtue when working with these young horses, as capturing the perfect moment often requires waiting for the right expression or movement to unfold. For these particular photos, we were at a Rodeo. The showground was very busy and the aisle was packed. I decided to photograph these foals in the wash rack to keep them focused on the task at hand and to not feel rushed by the constant coming and going of other competitors.

As an AQHA photographer, I am continually inspired by the elegance and grace of American Quarter Horses, and I am honored to share their timeless beauty with the world through my lens. Even at such a young age this breed is full of willingness and anxious to learn to please.

To view more of my fine art photography featuring American Quarter Horse foals and other equine subjects, please visit my portfolio. Contact me here to schedule your own photoshoot.

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