Equestrian Family Photo

Olivia & Pumpkin

Equestrian family photography. Family photos with horses. Girl and her pony. Winter equine photoshoot.

I am always a fan of conquering multiple things with a photoshoot. Whether that be multiple horses, adding in your dog, or in this case… creating an equestrian family photo. The main goal of this session was to get photos of Olivia with her new pony, Pumpkin, at Blackjack Farms near Birmingham, Alabama. When Olivia’s mom asked if they could also take a family photo with Pumpkin, I said of course! Our horses are part of our family. Even if the entire family doesn’t ride, I bet the family still spends a good amount of time together at the barn for lessons or at horse shows. That is definitely true for Pumpkin! He’s the newest member of their family and it was only fair that he be in the family photo. I think Olivia enjoyed it the most!

Since moving to Birmingham a year ago, I have spent a lot of time at Blackjack Farms whether it be for lessons or taking photos. It’s a barn I enjoy being at and if you’re in the market for photos of/with your horse, please reach out to schedule your session!

Horse and Rider

Olivia and Pumpkin