In with the new! Welcome to the new website of Shelly Williams Photography. I’m so excited that you’ve come to share the fun with me! This new website has taken me weeks to prepare (I’m totally not kidding), so I hope that you enjoy it. I would love if you would drop me a comment on this post sharing your thoughts!

A lot is changing this year. I’m now a full-time photographer (woo!). I’m expanding my business. I’m offering more to my clients. I have so many things planned for this year and I cannot wait to share it with you all!

First thing is first, I am going to keep up with my email list. Biweekly emails are going to become a thing (soon!), if you aren’t already on my email list and would like to be, send an email to and I will add you right away! The emails will cover news and updates, specials, first-to-know about minis/prom/those types of sessions.

Next on the list, more blogging! I’m not a very good writer, but they say practice makes perfect, so I’ll try it! Here you will find photos from recent sessions, tips and tricks, maybe some things about my life (even though I’m not that interesting), something funny, thoughtful, or anything that I want to share, really.

Things coming up:

  • 2018 Seniors, book your consult today, don’t wait!
  • 2019 Seniors, model team applications will open Friday, January 26.
  • I will be at Sweet Blue in Bannerman Crossing in Tallahassee on Saturday, January 27 offering special deals. Sweet Blue will also be having a sale, and who doesn’t love sales?!
  • 2018 Brides, let’s chat about your special day!

Cheers to the new year and my wonderful clients!

“Focus on your goal, don’t look in any direction but ahead.”



Out with the old…