If you read the title and believed it, you’re so wrong! Graduating is very important, whether you’re a high school senior or college senior. Whether it’s your associate degree or master degree. Each graduation is something to celebrate!

Right now we’re celebrating the class of 2018. It’s your year! Your time to shine! For high school seniors, their lives are changing forever. They’re in the prime of their youth, they have nothing but dreams, and most importantly they’re having fun. Their lives are full of adventure and their dreams are covered with success.

I didn’t take my high school senior year seriously, who’s with me? I’m sure there were a lot of hand raises for that one. Now, I took my grades seriously… until I got accepted into my dream college, but what I’m really referring to is I didn’t cherish it. I was so ready for the future, so ready to get out of that school, all I wanted was to be in college because that’s where the fun really was. I went through the motions, but looking back I don’t have a lot to remember those years by.

I have a collage of senior photos, they’re tiny 4×6. We received a CD of the photos… I can’t tell you where that CD is right now. These five 4×6 and one 5×7 are all I have to remember my senior year from. That’s kind of sad, right? The photographer only has teeny-tiny photos to remember her senior year? That was my mistake. I didn’t care much about having the photos taken, I am lucky to have anything at all.

Luckily, my seniors cannot say the same. Each senior at Shelly Williams Photography is given the utmost attention. We create a special session just for you; one that shows who you are, what you love, and your personality. Then, you get to choose between a number of heirlooms to remember your portraits by. An album full of your favorite portraits, the images that mark your life at that time. Do you love your dog? Let’s bring her along. Do you ride your horse every day (like myself)? Good thing I have experience, let’s ride together and chat about your session. Are you a book worm? Bring your favorite books and read awhile. Let’s create a session worth remembering together.

Each heirloom is treated with care before leaving my studio. Everything is color, damage, and accurately checked to ensure that it’s perfect by the time it reaches your hands. Hand wrapped with love and care (and my sloppy wrapping) it’s delivered straight to you at your convenience… it’s almost like Christmas all over again. The best thing yet? Your images are stored in two separate places. I keep up with them so you don’t have to. Did you forget to order something for Grandma? Don’t worry, I still have your photos! Realized that the 16×20 doesn’t fill your wall like you thought it would? Let’s come up with a collage option.

I am here for you to remember your senior year. This year is one worth remembering. It’s important, you are important, and your memories are important. Let’s get creative, let’s show you off!

“Let’s fill our house with memories instead of things. Moments instead of distractions.”


Graduating isn’t Important.