I hate change, but change is good. Change gives room for growth. Today’s blog is a bit of a personal one, so hold tight and read if you would like (I hope you do!).

Throwback to my junior year of high school at FFA State Convention.

I graduated high school in 2014. I was a different person then, and by different I mean I was totally different. I was shy. I didn’t like talking much, only to my friends. I didn’t like confrontation and would hold back tears if a teacher got onto me. I hated getting bad grades, my version of bad was anything lower than an A. Bad grades frustrated me to the point of tears, I was embarrassed because of them. I didn’t have the best style, the prettiest hair or face, and I didn’t want that either. I minded my own business, found what I wanted to do well at, and quite simply… I did well at it. I was an active FFA, NHS, BETA, and Student Government member.

My sophomore year of college at a horse show with the UF Equestrian Team.

My goals in high school were to go to the University of Florida. After that, I had no idea. I love horses, I always have, always will, so I majored in Equine Science. I didn’t know what I wanted to do with that degree, I just knew nothing else interested me more. I didn’t want to deal with people, so that ruled out any communications job. I just wanted to ride horses, so I did. I became a member of the Equestrian Team at UF which started breaking me out of my shell. About this same time my business began to take off.

University of Florida Graduate

If you know me, you know that this whole “Shelly Williams Photography” thing was not planned. I didn’t want a business, I was (still am) a kid. I wanted to take photos, I wanted to remember my horses just as the were. I wanted to watch every sunset and spend every day with my horses-not people. People were secondary in my life. I didn’t want to deal with you guys, I’ll be blunt. Then, it all happened.

My business changed my life.

I didn’t notice the change as it was happening (we never do), but looking back it’s all very clear to me. Somewhere along the line I was forced out of my shell. I was forced to give people my time and attention. I had to “deal with you guys”, whether I liked it or not. Now, for the most part, I like it. My clients have shown me the values in life. I get to see what is important to people, I get to see how much they love their family, children, and animals. I’ve met wonderful people who brighten my day every time I speak with them. I’ve been dealt issues, and instead of holding back tears and running away, I had to face them. I’ve dealt with difficult clients who taught me to stand up for what I believe in, and to handle confrontation with a smile.

I’ve grown as a person.

I’m a strong individual.

Where ever this business leads, I will follow it eagerly. I love taking portraits, I love seeing my clients happy over their art, but most importantly I love the growth it has given me as a human. I love the relationships I’ve built with personal friends, ones I wouldn’t have been strong enough to approach before my business. I love the way I handle problems now, I can contain my frustration and look at the issue with an open mind. I see the world as an opportunity, and so should you!

If you’ve read all of this, bless you! I want to know what has changed you? What made your life do a 360, or made you change the way you act? Maybe it was your business, like myself, or maybe it was a special friend, having a child, a wake-up call. Share your story with me, and let’s grow together!



I’m Changed.