Meet Monica! This little darling puppy is the new face behind Shelly Williams Photography… a mascot if you will.

Monica is currently in training to become the best office pup around. If you have a meeting with me, you’re bound to see her. However, you have been fair warned that this ferocious pup is still in training and she will likely bite your ankles. Don’t fear, she will be a professional soon enough! Right now she enjoys bringing all of her toys into the office to set up booby-traps for her sweet owner (me). Monica is 9 weeks old and full of personality and fluff, there’s no way you could walk into the studio without petting her. She weighs 7 pounds right now, but will be a full grown fluff ball in no time!

Stay tuned for more updates on Monica once she has fully taken over her title as Photog Pup.



Monica the red Goldendoodle