Can we talk beaches for a split second? I was making a post over on Instagram yesterday and it occurred to me that I don’t know half of the beaches in Florida… and I’m a Floridian! I’ve photographed on several beaches, but typically I visit the same ones (especially if they’re close to me).

Senior on Amelia Island

I have mixed feelings about the beach, both visiting and photographing on the beach. I’m one of those people that love water, but I cannot stand the sand. I love the wind, but picking sand out of my ears for three days is not where I find enjoyment. That being said, I will take a nice beach trip with friends any day. Photographing on the beach leaves me in the same boat. My gear is expensive, honestly, and I have to clean it after each trip to the beach (well…I’m supposed to). Sand and salt water are not a nice mixture to keeping equipment up to par and can actually cause severe damage. I always be sure to treat my gear with utmost care while working on the beach. I rarely change lenses and try to go back to the car if I need to to avoid sand getting blown into the inside of my camera.

Driftwood Beach Pic

Old driftwood along beach.

Now, I want to know your opinion. What is your favorite beach in Florida and why? Whether you visit it every summer or have only visited one time, I want to know! What is in your beach bag? You can’t forget the essentials: sunscreen, sunglasses, towels, pineapples, and water. Do you include anything extra? Let me know by commenting!

Senior photography on St. Augustine beach.




Life’s a Beach