Boneyard Beach Portraits

Since the first time I went to Boneyard beach I have been dying to photograph there again, so when Tiffany asked if that would be a good place I was ecstatic. The beach was beautiful, as it normally is. I can never get over how the large trees are just uprooted from the Earth. It’s crazy to me, and there are so many of them! This session was a little bit different for me since I am primarily accustomed to seniors and weddings. Tiffany wanted to have a “happy” vibe to her session, but she also wanted to honor her wife.

Tiffany has spent the past few years serving in our military. While being in the military she was able to travel, and was stationed in South Korea for an extended period of time. Most importantly, while in the military she met her wife, Abigail. This session was in memory of Abigail who passed away this past August while on duty in a helicopter crash. When we began planning this session I was pretty nervous. I wanted to make sure I captured exactly what Tiffany had in mind. Something about the importance of this to her just made me tighten up; I had to do my job, and I had to do it well. Y’all, I am not an emotional person, but my heart just melted when Tiffany held Abigail’s flag to her chest. I almost felt like I could feel the emotion in that moment; it was just Tiffany and what was most important to her. I’m not going to lie, I choked up a little bit and it wasn’t long before we both had to start lightening the mood and taking happier photos again.

Tiffany, I hope that you got exactly what you were after with these portraits. I am honored that you chose me to document this time in your life. I wish you all the best with college and your future!



Tiffany Milam