Music Artist Portraits

Meet Hallie! I have known Hallie for several years now, so I speak from personal experience when I say she is one of the sweetest girls you will meet. When Hallie asked me to take portraits for her music career I immediately became excited. Not only is she sweet, she’s also beautiful, and her personality is one of a kind. Hallie is full of jokes, always has a smile on her face, and is willing to help anyone in need. She’s a student during the week, and a musician and NASCAR driver (I’m sorry, I just had to include that!) on the weekends.



We had a great time together for her portraits. We strolled through the streets of downtown Valdosta, Georgia. I had never been to downtown Valdosta before, and I had no idea what I was missing. It’s almost like you take a step back in time when you’re there. Many of the buildings are the original foundations from the 1900’s (maybe sooner, I’m not sure). There are several neat little shops and restaurants, you could make a fun afternoon just walking around if that’s something you’re into (like me!). I even persuaded Hallie to sing to me at the end of the session, you can find a live video of that here. 



When she’s not in school or working, Hallie enjoys anything “music”. Whether it’s playing the guitar, singing, or writing her own songs, she loves every bit of it. She’s an avid beach-goer, and even spends some time on the beach writing songs. Hallie hopes to go far in her music career and if you ask me, she’s every bit worthy of it. She has a beautiful voice, videos do her no justice. I’m telling you, you have to hear this girl in person; she will literally stop you in your tracks with her voice. In the near future she hopes to release her first single on iTunes and start performing more in the Jacksonville area. Eventually, she would like to create a career out of her music. Hallie recently competed in Southside Idol in Lake City, Florida and will be competing in the finals to sing at the Suwannee River Jam! I highly suggest you all get tickets to listen to this girl before she’s big time. She is local from Jasper, Florida, but eventually she will be on larger stages, I promise!



You can follow Hallie’s music career on her Facebook page, and her instagram handle is @halliedavismusic