Framed Antique Print

Professional Framed Print

Archival print with torn edges framed in a rustic frame.

I’m sure you’ve seen me plastering this new heirloom all over the place, that’s because I’m incredibly excited to offer it to you! This heirloom is like nothing you’ve seen before. It’s beautiful, it’s unique, and it comes ready to hang in your home. If you’ve had a consultation with me in the past week, then you have seen first hand how excited I am to offer this to my wonderful clients. My clients deserve nothing but the best, and I do believe that this new heirloom is a step in the right direction.

This heirloom is printed directly onto thick, textured, 100% cotton paper (What? Cotton paper? You heard me right!). The print has a beautiful, subtle texture to it, almost like a watercolor would have. The edges are hand torn (Yes, HAND torn) creating an antique, timeless emotion to your portrait. The print comes mounted inside of the mat to create a drop shadow, the print almost appears to be floating in the frame. Each print is matted up to the next size (a 5×7 is matted to an 8×10 frame) to compliment the colors in your portrait. There are three framing options available to best suit the colors in your home. Each print is locally matted and framed locally (I’m all for supporting local, I’m sure you know that!) by a professional.

Framing Options

Framing options to professionally frame prints.

Since I am so excited about this heirloom, it is 15% off until the end of this month. You have one week to grab this deal! This deal applies to old and new clients. If you have completed a session with me, we can use an existing photo. If you have scheduled or are scheduling a session with me, this heirloom is available for pre-order, just send me an email! (

I hope that you all love this new heirloom as much as I do. To me it’s just so different, it’s all hand crafted (which is rare), and it gives business to local professionals which I’m a huge advocate for. I love creating memories for you all, but seeing these memories in your home in such a timeless frame completes the experience.

I would love to know what you think. Do you love it as much as I do? Do you prefer the normal styled prints? Leave me a comment!



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