Leave it to typical Floridians to be counting down the days until summer! If you’re anything like me, I would rather be smoldering hot than the least bit cold. My 2018 girls decided that for their group session they wanted to have a summer theme. My original plan to turn it into a pool party quickly faded when Florida decided it was suddenly going to be 60 degrees, but the girls bared through the cold to get some super cute portraits. Even though we couldn’t get in to make any big splashes, we were still able to have a lot of fun.

My 2018 senior representatives were sweet enough to allow the new 2019 girls to participate in their session, and we all had a blast! It was wonderful to see everyone interacting and laughing; the 2018 girls were able to show the 2019 girls what the group sessions were all about and soon enough we were all full of giggles. We opened some popscicles, played some volley ball across the pool, and ended with a game of “Ninja”. I do think that “Ninja” might be the new “Shelly Williams Photography Model Game”… that’s totally not a thing, but it is now! Reigning champion: myself (thank you to FFA state convention where I was able to practice my skills for several years)!



Bring on Summer!