This year is a very quiet prom season for me, mainly because I’ve been so busy I have wanted the few Saturdays I have free to myself! A few years ago I did 5+ prom portrait sessions and then photographed a six hour wedding. That day I vowed to myself I would never photograph prom and a wedding on the same day again. It turns out I lied to myself because I did it again last weekend! This time I was a little smarter and only photographed two sessions though. Luckily it worked out because I would not have wanted to miss my sweet girls prom day! Especially Mallory who has a running record with me, we’re three years strong for prom together and going for a fourth!

The girls were absolutely stunning, as they normally are! Lexi surprised me by providing not one, not two, but three antiques for her portraits. Can you imagine the photographer heaven I was in?! I could have been there all day long taking advantage of antiques. We didn’t have just cars either, we also had an old carriage! When I saw the carriage I wondered why I didn’t bring my horse with me for the photos… maybe a styled session is in my near future?




Suwannee Prom