Nolan Taddeo


This isn’t the first time these two have made it over to my blog, it is always a pleasure to get to be around them! I first photographed Stephanie and Kyle in January 2017 on what we’re sure was the coldest day of the entire year. We then had a blast at their wedding in May 2017. Now, a year later they are back in front of my camera again… but this time there were three! Stephanie and Kyle are probably the easiest people to take photos of. I put them somewhere, give them a suggestion as how to pose, then they do the rest! There’s always a lot of laughter whenever they are together, I guess you can say they’re a match made in heaven.

I’m so excited for them to start this new chapter of their lives. I know they are so excited to welcome their first child, Nolan, into the world. They are going to make great parents; I can only imagine how giggly little Nolan is going to be with Stephanie as his mom! It’s crazy to think that a year ago they were exchanging vows, and before you know it they’re going to have a house full of cute little kiddos running all over the place!


Stephanie & Kyle