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Nicole Wirth is a dog trainer in North Florida, she owns Nicole’s Natural Dog Training. Nicole has helped me with my own dog, Monica. When I first decided I wanted to be a pet portrait photographer I knew I had to photograph Nicole. She brought her son, Landon, and her puppy, Kane-both of which are adorable! You can often find both of them tagging along with Nicole to her training sessions. It was a pleasure to have them in the studio.

I first hired Nicole’s Natural Dog Training back in December when I searched endlessly for a dog trainer near me. The dog trainers in Tallahassee said I was too far, but when I found Nicole and gave her a call she was more than happy to drive to Live Oak (she is based out of Fort White). My dog doesn’t have super bad behavior problems, but she’s a hyper puppy who needed a firm hand. Every time Monica sees Nicole it’s like she’s a different dog! Nicole helped us so much in our one-on-one training classes that I decided to take Monica to her group classes held at the Vacation Station in High Springs. The group classes have helped us a lot since there are a lot of distractions.

If you have a dog that has behavior issues, a hyperactive pup, or a dog who just needs more practice, Nicole is your girl! She’s great at explaining things, but even better with the dogs. She has way more patience than I do and all of the dogs love her (probably because she always has treats!).


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Nicole’s Natural Dog Training