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Morgan and Lady

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Being a pet photographer in North Florida is always a blast because I get to meet so many cute pups! Lady is no exception, she was full of cuddles and will do ANYTHING for a treat. Since I specialize in lifestyle pet photography, my goal is to capture the bond between the pup and their mom. Morgan and Lady have a special bond and Morgan beams when Lady is around. I think we laughed the entire time we were together! Lady is starting to get a little older, so it was important to Morgan that we capture her while she’s still partially in her youth. Morgan told me of several stories of Lady from the past several years, they have a long relationship together. Lady has a lot of weird little habits, but I think most dogs do! One of her weird habits is that she lays on the top of the couch like a cat. Morgan says she does this all of the time!

I’ve known Morgan for several years, maybe going on a decade! I hear about Ladybug all of the time, but I haven’t spent much time with her until we did this session together. She is full of character, she’s sassy, energetic, happy, and has the cutest little wiggle butt! It’s so important to capture our pup’s personalities, but even more important to be photographed with them. It’s one thing to remember how your pup looks before the grey hairs set in, but you also need to remember how they make you feel. The joy, the laughs, the endless kisses, all of this to remind you of their youth when their older years eventually come. A special bond with a dog can be once in a lifetime. I was at PetSmart just yesterday buying dog food and some other necessities. My bill came on the screen and I remarked “You don’t know how expensive dogs are until you get you!” the clerk responded “They’re worth every penny,”. I’ve thought about that for awhile and he was definitely right! I wouldn’t trade any dollar or moment that I spend with my sweet girl. She lights up my world, just like Lady lights up Morgan’s! If you’re lucky enough to have a pup, I believe you understand too.


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Morgan and Lady