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Sabrina and Rosie

Florida horse photographer specializing in lifestyle and intimate moments between horse and rider. Shelly Williams Photography

There are so many amazing horses in our area, that’s one thing that makes being a Florida horse photographer so fun! Sabrina and Rosie are no exception. When I first met Sabrina for her consultation to plan her session we immediately clicked. She’s bubbly, full of energy, and loves talking about horses! I think we spent more time talking about how much we loved our ponies than we did her actual session and that’s okay! That just showed me how important this session with Rosie was going to be to her. Sabrina has had Rosie for several years and has always dreamt of barrel racing her. Through various set backs that dream hasn’t happened yet, but Sabrina is still hopeful and loves Rosie unconditionally. She does everything that she can for Rosie, including finding the best professionals to help her make sure Rosie is comfortable and healthy. Rosie has the best personality so it’s no wonder that Sabrina loves her so much! She was all ears the entire session and stood quietly between outfit changes, cars passing by, leaving her friends, the whole nine yards! I think Sabrina has something to be proud of for how Rosie behaved herself. Rosie and Sabrina are a perfect match and I’m so happy that they’ve found each other. I can’t wait to see Sabrina’s wall collage of Rosie. She has her registration papers framed and is going to put their portraits around it to build a collage. That’s one of my favorite parts of being a Florida horse photographer, making sure that these memories are going to go on the wall so that my clients can see their ponies every day. There’s just something about passing a photo and smiling every time you see it, that’s one way to keep a smile on your face!


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Sabrina and Rosie