Top Favorites of 2019 for Florida Photographer

Best of 2019

This year has been amazing! Here are my top favorites in 2019 for Florida photographer. As I was looking back on these photos and trying my hardest to narrow it down to “just a few” favorites, I couldn’t help but smile and reminisce on the good times we’ve had this year. All of the photos I chose for this blog are really meaningful to me. All of them have a story. Going through them, I couldn’t stop smiling! Many of them I remember laughing as I took the photos, some of them I shed a tear as I took the photo (a happy tear). Regardless of the situation, it reminded me that my clients are so much more to me than “clients”. You guys become my friends. You become a highlight of my year. Not just a highlight of my business year, but a highlight of my personal year. My clients mean the world to me and I’m forever grateful for the opportunity I’ve been given to document their memories. If I’ve photographed you this year (or any other year), THANK YOU!

Wedding and Engagement Portraits

This is just a small fraction of my favorites from this year. Many weddings had several moments that were too good not to share. I recommend viewing my wedding blogs to see all of those moments. A few moments pictured here required a little explaining, that explanation can be found under the photo.

Best moments at weddings in 2019 taken by pro wedding photographer in floridaThis year first looks became super special to me, all because of this wedding. Austin and Morgan had the sweetest first look and I would be lying if I said we all didn’t tear up when we saw Austin’s reaction. Their moment was so genuine and sweet, it was like there was no one else who mattered except the two of them. Venue: The Retreat at Bradley’s Pond
Best of the best wedding photography photos in 2019 by north florida wedding photographer

Tiny was so surprised when her son invited her to have her “first dance” with him. I can only imagine what that moment meant to Tiny, and to watch them both dancing together had everyone in the room tearing up. Moments like this are my favorite part of weddings.
Favorite moments of wedding photography this past year by professional wedding photographer Favorite wedding portraits from the start to the finish of the year by Florida wedding photographer.

Venues: Bradley’s Pond and Quail Branch Lodge

Lifestyle wedding photographer favorite moments of 2019

Sara and Charlie’s wedding was one I had never experienced before. There were a few tears, but there was mostly laughter and pure FUN! I have never been to a wedding where EVERYONE danced, and the entire crowd cheered when the groom walked down the aisle. Their wedding was the party of the year for me! Venue: Heritage Parks and Garden

Wedding portrait photography favorites in Florida

Venue: Clark Plantation

Interactive and fun engagement photos taken by lifestyle wedding photographer.


It’s hard to choose just a few senior photos because I love them all! Seniors have a special place in my heart because I’m able to relate to them. We spend a lot of time discussing outfits and locations to make their session special. I know the stress of filling out college applications while staying active in clubs and sports. I know how they feel moving away from home. By the end of the year, I’m cheering them on and am almost as sad as their parents are to see them move away. These are the few that I was able to narrow it down for for 2019.

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Adventurous senior photography taken in North Florida by top senior photographer. Beautiful sunflare senior portrait taken by best senior photographer in North Florida. Favorite senior portrait photos taken this year by north florida photographer Fun senior portraits taken in 2019 by top senior photographer in the north florida area.

Equine and Canine

Choosing my favorites of horse portraits and dog portraits was almost impossible. I can’t resist a cute fuzzy face, and especially can’t resist sweet pup kisses. I love getting to know not only the owners, but their pets as well. Each pet has a unique personality which makes the bond between them and their owner special in their own way. Capturing that bond is what started photography for me, and what keeps me excited to photograph more. Here’s just a few of my top favorites of 2019 for pet photography.

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Equestrian couples with their horses taken in 2019 by horse photographer in Florida. Equine photographer in north florida shows off favorite photos of 2019 Favorite moments of dog and his people taken by pet photographer in Florida. Fun pet photography in North Florida taken by pro photographer. Pet photography in Florida taken in lifestyle studio environment. Top favorites from 2019 in dog portraits Top portrait favorites in 2019 by north florida professional equine photographerUF graduation pictures taken with dog on the main campus


Best of 2019