Professional Photo Album

Jessie’s Senior Album

Professional photo album made with luxury distressed leather for a high school senior.

I am so excited to share Jessie’s professional photo album. Jessie’s senior portrait session in North Florida was very masculine. We photographed Jessie with his truck, his guns, and even his wadding camouflage. His grandparent’s family property was the perfect backdrop for his senior session. Given the areas that we photographed Jessie at, it was obvious that his professional photo album would have a distressed leather cover. The distressed leather cover paired with simple, printed font, created the perfect representation for Jessie’s senior album.

One of the most sentimental pieces of Jessie’s grandparent’s property is the “Gulf” sign hanging on an old barn. The sign, though old and very vintage, has held up well. Several years ago I photographed Jessie’s sister, Brooklynn, with the same sign. It was a “no-brainer” that Jessie would also take photos with the same sign. It was the perfect addition to his already rustic senior portrait session. I am still shocked that Jessie put on his wadders and got into the pond, but looking back at his album, it was a great addition! Little things like that add the right amount of personality to a senior portrait session. Any time a senior wants to include a hobby in their session, I’m all for it!

To pair with his professional photo album, Jessie decided on several large canvas’ to decorate his family’s home. It is important that we hang photos on the walls so that we can see them daily! Imagine a home with nothing on the walls, no sentimental memories, how depressing would that be?! Adding milestone moments to a family home creates beautiful artwork to look at daily, but also can be a conversation starter. Now when people view the “Gulf” sign portrait in Jessie’s family home, Jessie can tell them about his grandparents. Not to mention the photos of Jessie with his gun are going to look great next to the deer, duck, and quail that he’s killed over the years!

I cannot wait to see this finished artwork in Jessie’s home! To see more photos from Jessie’s session, click here.


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Jessie’s Senior Album