Equine Bodywork Professional in Florida

Liz Cornell

Equine bodywork professional in Florida.

Last week I was able to attend a clinic at Wellborn Quarter Horses in Wellborn, Florida. We had the luxury of auditing an equine bodywork professional in Florida, Liz Cornell. Liz was extremely knowledgeable in the subject of equine bodywork. She spoke confidently and mentioned various experiences she has had in the industry. Liz is not only an equine bodywork professional, but she also trains dressage. She uses her knowledge of riding and training to pair with her bodywork profession to develop the best treatment plans for horses. If a horse is sore, unhappy, recovering from an injury, or is not performing to standard, Liz is a good resource to contact and keep in your address book!

During the audit at Wellborn Quarter Horses we were able to watch Liz treat two horses. Both horses had different backgrounds, and very different issues. One horse had an old injury and was lame for years… until just recently when Liz started treated him about three weeks ago. Now, this horse trots and canters without a lame step! Liz demonstrated a massage on him and also applied kinesiology taping to the area where his injury was. I have personally never seen kinesiology taping, so it was interesting to see it applied and learn the basics behind it. I was surprised to hear that the kinesiology taping can stay on the horse for weeks! This way, the horse is getting the benefits of the tape far longer than the session in which it was applied. The second horse we had little background on, so Liz did a demonstration of examining the horse and finding his issues. To our surprise, he needed quite a bit of work. After examining the horse, Liz pointed out where he was obviously sore and decided to demonstrate cranial sacral therapy on him. Once she was able to get the horse to relax through the therapy, he was a different horse! Before the therapy he was very stoic, after the therapy he was licking, chewing, yawning, and visually more relaxed than before.

If you are in need of an equine bodywork professional in Florida, I encourage you to contact Liz Cornell! You can view her website here. Check out Wellborn Quarter Horses for other events coming up!

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Liz Cornell, Equine Bodywork