Pet and Owner Photography

Brooke, Mila, and Lilly

Pet and owner photography in nature, the dogs favorite place to be!

I love to specialize in pet and owner photography because I can relate to it. My Goldendoodle, Monica, is my child. I am not sure what I would do without her! I know that all dog owners feel the same way about their furbabies. I have known Brooke, Lilly, and Mila for years. Mila is the same age as Monica and they used to play as puppies. I was one of the first to know when Lilly went into labor and got to play with her puppies shortly after they were born. I guess you could say I am a little bit of an aunt to Lily and Mila! This pet and owner photography session was so much fun. Lilly and Mila have huge personalities, so we all laughed the entire session at them! Of course, we had to get one of Mila being goofy and  loving, and Lilly being protective.

Pawz, a dog clothing company, asked me to photograph a few of their products. When I got the products in the mail we had to decide where we wanted to do the session. We definitely wanted water, which is common in Florida! However, we needed a place secluded so we could have both dogs there. Since Mila and Lilly are European Great Danes, they can be pretty intimidating to the public! We traveled to a lake near Tallahassee for the session where we were able to play in the water and do a little bit of hiking through the woods. Lilly and Mila had a blast! We threw sticks, tennis balls, hiked, and took photos of the whole thing. My favorite thing about pet and owner photography is capturing the bond in their natural element. Brooke and her Great Danes love to go to trails and spend time walking around, so this session was perfect for them!

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Harlequin and Merle European Great Dane dogs in Florida in photoshoot.

Great Dane photography in Florida showing off PAWZ brand. Great Danes with their owner have pet portrait session in the outdoors of Florida. Harlequin and Merle European Great Dane dogs. Pet action photographer in Florida. Pet and owner photography along a lake in Florida, soaking up the sun! Pet and owner photography playing in the water and catching tennis balls.


Brooke, Mila, and Lilly