Florida Farmers Sunset Photos

Hallie Davis, Musician

Florida farmers sunset photos with irrigation system.

Have you ever looked at Florida farmers sunset photos? They often have the most gorgeous views. This part of the Adam’s farm is no exception! The low tree line sets the sun up to do phenomenal things. It is amazing to see God’s creation as the sun dips over the horizon line. We could not resist photographing during this golden hour when we saw how bright the sun was shining through. If you have been following my work for awhile, you also know that I have a weird obsession with irrigation systems. My favorite thing about photographing on family farms is the equipment they use. You can see the hours and hours put into running a farm by the things on the property. Every time I see an irrigation system, I HAVE to use it! First off, they are cool and symmetrical. Secondly, they provide for a family and that tells a story.

It should be no surprise to see Hallie Davis Music cross my website again! We have worked together several times, and I view her as a close friend. Hallie has become quite the model in front of the camera in the past couple of years. Any time I need a model, she is always first in line! She has sass, class, and a beautiful voice. If you have not hear Hallie sing, you are missing out and need to check out her page right NOW! I cannot wait to see where her singing journey ends up. She has recently released her first single which you can listen to here. Hallie is a unique person with a strong voice, as she would say “You Do You”… see that play I did there? We always have a great time when we set out to take photos together. You can find other photos I have taken of Hallie here and here.

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Hallie Davis, Musician