Andalusian Horse Photography

Beautiful horse and rider session with Andalusian horse

Becca and Eco

Eco has me really interested in Andalusian horse photography. He is a gorgeous Andalusian stallion who competes in dressage. Since I am a hunter/jumper, I never get to see long, luscious manes. Eco was a pleasant change from my usual line of work. He was incredibly well behaved too! You would never guess that he was a stallion. He resides at Bocoy Stables in Loxahatchee and performs under the name “Ecuador XXIV”. Eco was truly a gem to be around, and he got along great with our model, Becca. Just by looking at the photos you would think that Becca has a bond with Eco. However, Becca had only just met him! Becca was an amazing model and has great horse sense. The sunset perfectly over Bocoy Stables which made all of our photographer hearts happy. Becca paired with Eco was the perfect combination for our styled session at The Equine Photography Retreat in Wellington, Florida.

Horse Photography in Florida

One thing that I love about being a horse photographer in Florida is the various amount of horses I cross paths with. I am a hunter/jumper so I do see and photograph a lot of those types of horses. However, photography has allowed me to branch out of my own discipline. I have had the privilege of photographing barrel racing horses, eventers, jumpers, dressage horses, ranch horses, and more! This is my first time with Andalusian horse photography and I will say that I would love to do more of it! Each horse breed is so vastly different that it makes me want to photograph them all. Wouldn’t that be something to have an ongoing list of horse breeds that I’ve photographed? Maybe I just gave myself a new idea by writing this blog post! If you’re an equestrian, I’m sure that you are just as amazed with the differences in horses as I am.

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Horse and Rider

Becca and Eco